Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - February 3

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez’s 11-year-old daughter Emme totally stole the show with her performance at Super Bowl! [FULL SHOW SCROLL DOWN] J Lo definitely got POLITICAL in the performance

Shakira’s tongue is winning the internet!

Beyonce & Jay Z stayed SEATED during The National Anthem performed by Demi Lovato

Here are the BEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS according to Thrillist

VIDEO: Halsey went off on a guy who just kept yelling her ex, G-Eazy’s, name during a show, “I will kick your [effing] ass, test me. I will kick your ass out the [effing] club.”

3 years ago a guy randomly threw a Super Bowl party for THE HOMELESS and this year he hosted parties in 20 cities!

VIDEO: Lebron James leads Kobe Bryant tribute with Usher and Boys II Men….and it was beautifully heartbreaking. Here’s a close look at Lebron’s new Kobe tattoo

Joaquin Phoenix won BEST ACTOR at the BAFTAs and used his time to call for an end to systemic racism

Pamela Anderson is calling it quits after a full 12 DAYS OF MARRIAGE

Jessica Biel posts SWEET BIRTHDAY MESSAGE for Justin Timberlake…so it looks like they are moving past that whole cheating thing