Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 18

The “Big Brother Germany” cast has FINALLY BEEN TOLD about the pandemic….and it was so intense that some just sobbed

Jared Leto just found out about the pandemic because he was on a 12 DAY SILENT MEDITATION retreat

There’s a new viral trend sweeping the nation…people are putting their CHRISTMAS LIGHTS back up as a sign of hope

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson RECOVER AT HOME…says he has no fever but a case of the “blahs”

WTF???? TikTok reportedly BURIED POSTS from people who were, “ugly, poor, obese and disabled”

Taylor Swift is FIRST SOLO MUSICIAN with a diamond single & diamond album! (Diamond award is for 10 million copies or more!)

Bono writes a NEW SONG, “Let Your Love Be Known”, to get us through these times!

Vanessa Hudgens is forced to apologize after downplaying the seriousness of Coronavirus & saying PEOPLE DYING is “inevitable”

Al Roker reported the weather from his kitchen!

An actress from “Frozen 2” TESTS POSITIVE for Coronavirus

Kevin Durant and 3 Brooklyn Nets TEST POSITIVE for Coronavirus