Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 24

A comedian claimed that Ellen DeGeneres was the “MEANEST PERSON ALIVE“….and people delivered some CRAZY MEAN STORIES about her

Rihanna’s foundation is donating $5 MILLION to help fight Coronavirus!

Taylor Swift makes a STATEMENT about that Kanye West call, saying they “put me through hell for 4 years

Joaquin Phoenix once overturned his car . . . and tried to LIGHT A CIGARETTE while he was upside down

Tekashi 6ix9ine wrote a letter to the judge DEMANDING to be let out of prison because he’s so scared of COVID-19

VIDEO: Dr. Phil has a tip to minimize the spread of the coronavirus: STOP HUMPIN’ AROUND.

PICS: Lizzo is getting shamed for wearing a mask…but it turns out she has strep throat!

VIDEO: Michelle Obama says there’s a lot of “Netflix & chillin'” happening in her house right now….soooooo who wants to tell her?????

Danny DeVito is asking everyone to stay at home so he doesn’t catch COVID-19 and KICK THE BUCKET

VIDEO: Robert DeNiro tells people to stay at home & brings the classic “Meet the Fockers”, “I’m watching you”