Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 31

Shaquille O’Neal DEFENDS his appearance in Netflix’s “Tiger King” saying, “I don’t harm tigers. I love tigers.” And Doc Antle PERFORMED with Britney Spears during the 2001 VMAs!

And just like that…the first CORONAVIRUS MOVIE is already on the way! It’s a Canadian thriller titled “Corona”

PICS: Drake posted pic of him and his son Adonis…and the internet has lost it’s mind!

Rihanna wants 3 or 4 KIDS and doesn’t care if she’s a single mom

OUCH! Meghan Markle gets SLAMMED by critics for her narration of an elephant documentary

VIDEO: Chelsea Handler admits that the craziest place she’s ever had sex is at a funeral!

VIDEO: With the President announcing he wants us to quarantine until April 30th, the “It’s gonna be May” memes are starting early this year…Justin Timberlake & Lizzo got a jump on it!

Just two weeks after giving $1 MILLION to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have donated $400,000 to New YorkHOSPITALS

Lizzo sent LUNCH to hospital staffs in WASHINGTON and Minnesota

Ariana Grande has naturally curly hair?????

PICS: Jared Leto is fully on the “Tiger King” craze and is dressing up like him!

Elton John’s “Living Room Concert” has already raised $8 MILLION 

Liam Payne has donated more than 360,000 MEALS to families in need throughout the U.K

Suzanne Somers is planning on celebrating her 75th birthday by POSING NUDE for Playboy

Matthew McConaughey says we’re at war and SOCIAL DISTANCING is the brave thing to do