Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 6

LA Premiere Of Amazon's "Carnival Row" - Arrivals

LA Premiere Of Amazon's "Carnival Row" - Arrivals

Katie Perry & Orlando Bloom’s gender reveal involved a lot of frosting! It’s A GIRL!

P!NK and her 3 year old son, Jameson, both had and recovered from COVID-19 and she announced she’s donating $1 million to healthcare workers on the front lines

VIDEO: Ezra Miller, 27-year-old actor from “Perks of Being a Wallflower” appears to choke 15-year-old fan…is this a sick joke? It doesn’t look like it.

Netflix is releasing ONE MORE EPISODE of “Tiger King”

VIDEO: Selena Gomez shares she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder during talk with Miley Cyrus about mental health

Woody Harrelson among stars sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories TIED TO 5G

Jennifer Lawrence wants to make sure you know how to VOTE FROM HOME…which is awesome, but does she look like a robot to anyone else???

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel surprise nurse who contracted COVID-19 with $10,000 GIFT

Adam Sandler, Howie Mandel, and other comics raised more than $300,000 for UNEMPLOYED COMEDIANS during an online charity event called “Laugh Aid”

VIDEO: COVID-19 survivor Rita Wilson sang the national anthem before a VIRTUAL NASCAR race yesterday

VIDEO: Jane Fonda brought back her workout videos for “people of the Tik Tok”

VIDEO: Sarah Michelle Gellar has a new drinking game…but if you play, you’ll die

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson delivered 120 TACOS to healthcare workers at a local hospital

Chris Hemsworth says “GUIDED MEDITATION” helped him calm his kids down and made it easier to homeschool them

Willie Nelson shares good news with his son, “Y’know, it’s 4-20 all month here, so y’all have fun.”

Dr. Fauci is now a BOBBLEHEAD and his purchase will help produce masks for health workers

Elton John is putting up $1MILLION DOLLARS to help prevent people with HIV from getting COVID-19