Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 7

VIDEO: Matthew McConaughey played VIRTUAL BINGO with nursing home residents

PICS: A ranking of 9 Late Night Hosts’ homes now that they’re social-distancing

Late night hosts, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel, hosting GLOBAL FUNDRAISER together on April 18th called, “One World: Together at Home”. It will air of ABC, CBS, & NBC and it will be “curated” by Lady Gaga with about a million celebrity appearances!

J.K. Rowling says she was suffering from “all THE SYMPTOMS” of COVID-19 for the past two weeks, she has fully recovered and shared VIDEO of a doctor explaining a technique for relieving respiratory problems

Ariana Grande and her friends were bored enough to RECREATE A SCENE from “The Waterboy”

WHAT? It’s only been 1 year since the Billy Ray Cyrus remix of “Old Town Road” dropped

VIDEO: Justin Bieber said his wife Hailey was going to kick him out of the bedroom if he didn’t shave off that ridiculous puberty stache

VIDEO: John Krasinski hosted a musical reunion of the “Hamilton” cast on his new YouTube show, “Some Good News”

VIDEO: “Reading Rainbow” star LeVar Burton announced that he’s going to be READING for kids and adults LIVE on social media

Comedy Central CANCELS “Lights Out with David Spade”

The Prime Minister of New Zealand says the Easter Bunny is considered an “ESSENTIAL WORKER” right now…Tooth Fairy is also alllowed to work

Rita Wilson released an OFFICIAL REMIX of “Hip Hop Hooray”

Jay-Z and Meek Mill are donating over 100,000 MASKS TO PRISONS

Ellen Pompeo’s 5-year-old daughter wants to “SEPARATE” from her 3-year-old brother