Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 9

PICS: Drake’s extravagant Toronto mansion is what happens when a cruise ship and a casino have a baby! THIS IS INSANE! 50,000 square feet that includes an NBA sized basketball complex!

Cardi B is going to give away $1,000 AN HOUR between now and May 20th!

The series finale of “Modern Family” aired last night…and get ready for a Mitch & Cam SPIN OFF!

This is hands down our favorite celebrity PSA…thank you Julia Louis-Dreyfus

VIDEO: Bruce Willis gave his daughter a buzzcut! Are you in the home-hair-cut phase yet? And icydk, he is quarantining with a HUGE SQUAD, that includes his EX WIFE Demi Moore!

Sure, J Lo and A Rod were seen going to the GYM after the stay at home order, but they are asking you to STAY HOME

Halsey bought 100,000 MASKS for medical professionals

Ciara and Russel Wilson have helped to donate over 10 MILLION MEALS

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks her critics hate her because she’s “PRETTY & HAS MONEY”

VIDEO: Naomi Watts finally hit her breaking point when after her printer, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaner all quit on her in the same day

Ha ha ha. We feel you Jessica Simpson