Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 23

Eminem is literally donating MOM’S SPAGHETTI!

Meghan Thee Stallion is going to school for HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION & her reason why will make you love her more!

There’s going to be a COMEDY SPECIAL on Saturday, May 9th for Feeding America, with an amazing lineup that includes Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock & more!

PICS: OMG we thought this bodybuilder from Houston was actually Jennifer Lopez!

VIDEO: Halle Berry reveals Pierce Brosnan once saved her life when she was choking on a fig! (skip to 9:46)

VIDEO: Michael Buble’s 1 year old daughter singing with him is the cutest!

The family of physicist Stephen Hawking has DONATED HIS VENTILATOR to a hospital in Cambridge to treat patients with COVID-19

Charlize Theron announces $1 MILLION DONATION 

Drew Barrymore and Uber are teaming up to donate $100,000 to Feeding America

Missy Elliott turned herself into an art installation for new video!