Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 5

Elon Musk and Grimes had their baby boy…and named it X Æ X-12 Musk….is this a joke????

Team Edward or Team Jacob??? Stephenie Meyer to publish a new “Twilight” BOOK!

You didn’t ask for it…but here’s a preview of the new 6-part series “Gary Busey: PET JUDGE“. Yes, he’s solving animal arguments.

PICS: Here’s some of the people that nailed Billy Porter’s at home #MetGalaChallenge

VIDEO: Josh Radnor and Australian folk artist Ben Lee cover little’s girls viral hit, “I Wonder What’s Inside Your Butthole”

Pregnant Katy Perry MISSES DRINKING 

Amanda Bynes is NOT PREGNANT

PICS: Emily Ratajkowski hosted a wedding for her and her neighbor’s dog!

Tina Fey will host “RISE UP NEW YORK!“, with Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, J-Lo, and More

Ellen DeGeneres some jokes and wisdom during her 2020 COMMENCEMENT SPEECHf rom her house

Sylvester Stallone confirms he’s working on a “Demolition Man” SEQUEL 

VIDEO: Chris Evans probably shouldn’t have tried to groom his own dog

Julianne Moore’sSUPER NURSET-shirt is raising money for the relief effort

PICS: Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his son Christopher’s graduation from the University of Michigan . . . with the help of a little Photoshop

Is Meghan Markle RELAUNCHING her lifestyle blog, The Tig?