Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 13

Robert Pattinson tried to sell his “HANDHELD PASTA” recipe to LA’s renowned Sugarfish…and it honestly sounds like the GROSSEST MEAL EVER! Would you try it????

No Kid Hungry REJECTS Tekashi 6ix9ine’s $200,000 donation because “[His] activities do not align with our mission and values.”….and after you read his rap sheet you might understand they’re thinking

Matt Damon reveals his OLDEST DAUGHTER, 21, had COVID-19

Just shirtless Jason Mamoa teaching his 11 year old son Nakoa-Wolf to throw tomahawks…you are welcome

The Academy may postpone the Oscars by4 MONTHSbecause they are so worried about being cancelled

Adam Sandler is only eating for 6 HOURS A DAY “but I eat so much”

Jeff Goldblum went viral after his doppelganger fought in a NASTY FIGHT VIDEO…it is not Jeff

Miley Cyrus books all her “Bright Minded” guests by SLIDING IN THEIR DMs…and if they leave her on read, “I’ll send a smiley face emoji for like 10 days in a row”

These two good dogs are the new celebs of Zoom! BBC reporter Andrew Cotter goes viral with his zoom meeting with Olive and Mabel

Katy Perry used Alexa to help her ANNOUNCE HER NEW ALBUM release date of August 14th

Thanks to COVID-19, the “Hamilton” movie is coming out a YEAR EARLY