Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - June 1

Ariana Grande, Halsey, Tessa Jackson, Nick Cannon and Timothée Chalamet all joined PROTESTS OVER THE WEEKEND…Halsey was reportedly hit by rubber bullets… Kendrick Sampson from the HBO show “Insecure” was also hit by RUBBER BULLETS

Taylor Swift tells Trump “we will VOTE YOU OUT” in a Tweet…and in 5 hours it becomes her MOST LIKED TWEET EVER!

Beyonce calls for justice for George Floyd

VIDEO: Watch Jamie Foxx’s powerful speech as he joined the protests in Minneapolis

VIDEO: Mariah Carey sings one of her classic songs in honor of George Floyd and asks you to text FLOYD to 55156

VIDEO: Watch Killy Mike’s message, “We don’t want to see targets burning, we want to see the system that sets up for systemic racism burnt to the ground.”

Billie Eilish did NOT HOLD BACK, “Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons? Why is it okay for black people to be called thugs for protesting the murder of innocent people? Do you know why? White. [Effing]. Privilege.”

PICS: Machine Gun Kelly was at the LA Black Lives Matter protests without security

Read Oprah’s POWERFUL MESSAGE on justice for George Floyd

Rihanna “Watching my people get murdered and lynched day after day pushed me to a HEAVY PLACE in my heart!”

VIDEO: Cops screamed at John Cusak and came at him with batons for filming a burning car

PICS: Paris Jackson calls for others to join her on the front lines of the protests

Tyler Perry “Please, please stop this violence!! Looting is NOT THE ANSWER!!!!”

VIDEO: Lil Yachty speaking during protests, “Whether you’re black, whether you’re white, green, yellow or purple we’re together.”

Nick Cannon releases spoken word track, “I can’t breathe…again!”