Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - July 9

“Glee” star Naya Rivera MISSING after “horrible accident” on a boat that is breaking our heart…her 4 year old son was found alone on the boat…authorities are presuming she DROWNED Below is the last pic she posted

Kanye West has Elon Musk & Kim Kardashian as his campaign advisors, wants a Wyoming preacher named Michelle Tidball as his running mate and says his campaign slogan is “YES!”

Is Britney Spears yellow top a secret CRY FOR HELP? A new conspiracy theory thinks so

Bella Hadid is SLAMMING Instagram for removing a picture she posted of her dad’s U.S. passport, along with the caption, “My baba and his birthplace of Palestine.”

Ryan Gosling is going to be the new “WOLFMAN” 

How Zendaya and John David Washington pulled off filming an ENTIRE MOVIE amid the pandemic

Mariah Carey just finished her AUTOBIOGRAPHY

“The Wonder Years” is being REMADE! It will star a black family living in Alabama in the 1960s

Halsey got a new tattoo that says “Life’s a Mess”…the title of her new track with Juice WRLD

Will Smith recalls being called the N-WORD BY COPS over 10 times while growing up in Philadelphia

Jimmy Fallon wrote a CHILDREN’s BOOK

Lisa Kudrow says the “Friends” reunion HAS A DATE and Conan immediately plans to sabotage it

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson covers Whitney Houston and it’s pitch perfect

Country band Lady Antebellum tried to change their name to Lady A…but Seattle singer Lady A wants $10 MILLION if she’s going to share the name!

NBC is rebooting “The WEAKEST LINK“, with Jane Lynch hosting