Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - July 28

Premiere Of Amazon Prime Video's "Chasing Happiness" - Arrivals

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcome brand new BABY GIRL named Willa!!!! Fans are wondering if they got the NAME from “Game of Thrones”!

2,000 people paid $850 to $25,000 to go to a Chainsmokers “drive in” CONCERT…but now the New York Governor Cuomo & Department of Health are investigating because of all the rules they broke!

PICS: Kim Kardashian breaks down into tears after flying to Wyoming to be with Kanye West

PICS: Britney Spears got “carried away” with head-to-toe Henna tattoos

Prince Harry’s SECRET INSTAGRAM alias has been revealed @SpikeyMau5

Megan Thee Stallion says she was shot in BOTH of her feet, and needed surgery to remove the bullets

PICS: Shawn Mendes has a new collarbone tattoo dedicated to his little sister

Chrissy Teigen asked Twitter if she’s “too old” for a NOSE PIERCING. . . and added, quote, “Please be honest.”

“Supermarket Sweep” host, David Ruprecht is 71 and says that fans are sliding into his DMs for FEET PICS!

Ed Sheeran says his “addictive personality” makes him BINGE FOOD until he’s sick

Charlize Theron had to do 6 MORE WEEKS of car training for “The Italian Job” than the men

Melanie Griffith posted some throwback photos . . . one with her daughter, Dakota Johnson