Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - July 30

The Emmy’s are taking us into the NOMINEES HOME! And host Jimmy Kimmel and the producers are promising the nominees they will make them “look fabulous”

Billie Eilish is teasing a NEW SONG called “My Future”

Kim Kardashian feels “TRAPPED” in her marriage and is encouraging Kanye to drop his RUN FOR PRESIDENT

It’s official….fans can’t throw George R.R. Martin in JAIL for not finishing his next book

Jennifer Garner decided to do her own FAKE COOKING SHOW on Instagram with the help of her mom

Tracy Morgan is GETTING DIVORCED after 5 years of marriage

Matthew McConaughey is releasing a MEMOIR called “Green Lights”

Kate Beckinsale had an anonymous person leave a RABBIT named Marvel on her doorstep, along with a cage and some rose petals

The 40 rappers having the BEST CAREERS after turning 40

Cole Sprouse is back on social media after taking a month off for a “MENTAL HEALTH BREAK

A deep dive into the question, “Why is Bob Ross still SO POPULAR?”

Regis Philbin’s wife Joy says, quote, “He let EVERYONE INTO HIS LIFE. He turned every little daily annoyance and happiness into a story, and he shared all those little stories with people in a joyful and conversational way.”

Ryan Reynolds put together an “Unsolved Mysteries” spoof to address the uncertainty surrounding a possible third “Deadpool” movie