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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 6

VIDEO: Selena Gomez has a new COOKING SHOW on HBO Max

Netflix’s signature “Ta-dum” sound almost had a GOAT BLEAT at the end of it

Diddy’s son, King, suffered minor injuries when a Tesla crashed into his FERRARI

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus teased new music!

Alyssa Milano says she had COVID-19 but 3 tests MISSED IT!

Justin Bieber shared pictures of himself and his wife Haileybeing baptized together, and called it one of the most special moments of his life

Cameron Diaz says she felt “PEACE” when she walked away from her movie career to take care of herself

PICS: Brian Austin Green expertly shades Megan Fox’s ode to Machine Gun Kelly on Insta

Even Michelle Obama is having a hard time right now, “I know that I am dealing with some form of LOW-GRADE DEPRESSION.”

Lisa Bonet’s first car was a rare 1965 Ford Mustang, so Jason Momoa tracked it down & restored it for her! There’s even video of the ENTIRE RESTORATION 

Evanescence contributed a new song called “Use My Voice” to a VOTER REGISTRATION PSA

Kelis is PREGNANT with her third child

VIDEO: Selena Gomez and a bunch of other celebs were recruited to try and sell Instagram’s TikTok knock off, Reels…watch the tour of her fridge!

Shia LaBeouf contributed $5,000 to a GoFundMe so a trans woman could complete her reassignment