Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 13

2020’s TOP HALLOWEEN COSTUMES include frontline workers, “Tiger King” costumes, “Frozen” characters, and politicians.

The host of “Catfish” on MTV, Nev Schulman, left a $926 TIP for a pregnant waitress at the Denver airport

Sarah Cooper got famous lip-synching to President Trump on TikTok just landed her own NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle just bought a $10 MILLION HOME near Oprah

Matthew McConaughey says that quarantine is making his LIFE BETTER, “My mental health and family life are improving.”

Rihanna covers Harper’s BAZAAR!

LISTEN: Alicia Keys and Khalid are working on something together

The Weeknd donated $300,000 to a relief fund for victims of the explosion in Beirut

The NBA will let players have SEX IN THE BUBBLE. . . but Tinder randoms aren’t allowed

American illusionist David Blaine attempt to fly over New York City holding a bunch of helium balloons

Hilary Swank talks about taking A BREAK from Hollywood to care for her dad after a lung transplant

PICS: Here’s a pic of Reese Witherspoon back when she wanted to be the first female President!

Netflix commissioned a composer to make a THEATRICAL VERSION of their “ta-dum” signature sound because it’s not long enough for a theater setting

Brian Austin Green is “ANNOYED” that Megan Fox is being so public in her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly