Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 1

Netflix is trying to get more people hooked by offering FREE CONTENT to non subscribers like “Stranger Things” and “Bird Box”

Mariah Carey says that Ellen DeGeneres forced her to REVEAL HER PREGNANCY on TV that later ended in a miscarriage

“Reno 911” star Niecy Nash just divorced her husband in March and is already REMARRIED to singer Jessica Betts!

Kanye West says he’s not “IN CAHOOTS” with Republicans and he’s not getting paid because “can’t nobody pay me. I’ve got more money than Trump.”

There’s a PETITION to replace a Confederate memorial with a Chadwick Boseman statue

PICS: Katy Perry showing just how “glamorous” post-pregnancy life is!

Michael B. Jordan struggled trying to find words for his grief

Trevor Noah is DATING actress Minka Kelly and it’s serious!

Kylie Jenner got a “BUSINESS EXEMPTION” to travel to Paris and then was a total tourist!

HBO Max is producing a “Fresh Prince” REUNION SPECIAL but Aunt Viv is not invited!

The guy who attacked R. Kelly in his jail cell tried to STAB HIM with a pen

PICS: Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are having a boy

Usher and his girlfriend are expecting their FIRST CHILD together

Lizzo would like fans to “stop REWARDING NEGATIVITY” on the Internet

PICS: Here’s Channing Tatum dressed as a fairy to promote his new children’s book

NFL linebacker Manti Te’o has a new wife . . . and she’s REAL!