Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 11

Dr. Phil is asking his TikTok followers to stop calling him “DADDY” because “it’s a little weird”

Amazon picks up show starring Nicolas Cage as JOE EXOTIC!

Did Adam Sandler just make good on his threat to make the WORST MOVIE EVER if he didn’t win an Oscar for “Uncut Gems”? Fans think his new Netflix movie “Hubie Halloween” is his payback! TRAILER HERE

Kim Kardashian dispels the rumors that she has 6 TOES on her left foot

Uh oh. Katie Holmes new her new younger boyfriend was ENGAGED when they started hooking up!

Apparently, Anna Faris’ decision to leave “Mom” was a SURPRISE to everyone . . . and not a good one

Demi Lovato and Marshmello dropped a NEW SONG yesterday called “OK Not To Be OK” for Global Suicide Prevention Day

“Wheel of Fortune” returns for its 38th season on Monday . . . with some COVID-RELATED CHANGES

Will Smith posted pictures from the upcoming “Fresh Prince” reunion on HBO Max and even Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, was there!

PICS: Jessica Alba actually started crying when she realized one of her “babies” is actually taller than her!

In 2014, HarperCollins paid Lindsay Lohan $365,000 to write a book. She never did. Now they want their money backMONEY BACK