Shock Collar Question - September 22

Alexis is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today's question: Happy Equinox Fall Guys and Fall Gals. Today marks the official start of Autumn and to honor that, I have a trio of fall celebrations from different cultures from around the world and you need to tell me which ones are true and which ones I made up.

#1. China celebrates Autumn with the Moon Festival where your primary goal that day is to eat as many lotus-bean paste filled “Moon cakes” as possible. If you can get 13, the same number of months in the lunar calendar, you’ll have good luck all season long. 

#2. In Hokkaido Japan (North Japan), people celebrate the transition of summer to fall by dressing up and doing their makeup to look like their dead ancestors in order to re-enact family photos. Yikes!

#3. February has the Puxatawney groundhog, but September has theBanner Elk, North Carolina wooly worm! Every year on the first day of Fall, townspeople gather to watch the mayor flip over a specially selected tree worm.... and the colors on its belly predict if the town will have a mild or harsh winter.

Shock Collar Question - September 22