Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - November 4

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 3rd Annual Saint-Tropez Gala - Dinner & Auction

People are sharing their UNPLEASANT CELEBRITY ENCOUNTERS after a girl shared she had beef with Bob Saget on TikTok…and the stories range from Kendall Jenner to Leonardo DiCaprio to Bill Murray!

Lil Wayne’s girlfriend reportedly DUMPED him over his support of Trump

Russell Wilson says he spends at least $1 MILLION a year taking care of his body so he can play until he’s 45

“Pokemon Go” has made A BILLION DOLLARS from in-game transactions so far this year

Dr. Phil to Drew Barrymoore: Chronically late people think the WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THEM!

Kanye West VOTED FOR HIMSELF yesterday, but it’s not clear if Kim Kardashian voted for him

The biggest changes in this year’s “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” are that there WON’T BE ANY SPECTACTORS on the streets . . . and there won’t be anyone under the age of 18 participating in the parade

VIDEO: Katy Perry as a giant “I Voted” sticker won Election Day

PICS: Lizzo went totally nude on one side to show off her hope for this country

VIDEO: Ice Cube is really unhappy with “SNL” for making fun of his Trump support this weekend

Chris Rock doesn’t like historical CIVIL RIGHTS MOVIES because they make racism seem, quote, “very fixable.”