Shock Collar Question - November 10

Jose is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today's question: A new survey found you'll ask for help or advice more than 6,000 times in your life. An average of twice a week, or 104 times a year. Now real quick Jeff - what numbers did i just say?

When we need advice..... who do we go to? Most people go to their friends or family. Today, I’m going to go down a list of people that respondents say they most often go to for guidance and you’ll have 30 seconds for each person to tell me what is the #1 topic they’ve been asked to give advice on most often.

#1. What topic of advice do you most often go to your friends for?

#2. What kind of advice to people most often go to their DAD for?

#3. What advice do we most often need when talking to our partner or spouse?

#4. And finally, whats the most popular topic of advice we need when going to our Mom?

Shock Collar Question - November 10