Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - January 29

The Weeknd has dropped $7 MILLION of his own money in the Super Bowl halftime show

OMG Britney Spears danced to a Justin Timberlake song & TAGGED HIM in it!

VIDEO: Check out a teaser for the final season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

The legendary actress Cicely Tyson DIED AT 96….she showed the world the power of women

VIDEO: Jennifer Garner made an “in memoriam” video to . . . travel

PICS: Halsey showed off some surgical scars from her battles with endometriosis

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus has a new protest song called “Golden G-String”

VIDEO: Is this socially distanced “VERTICAL THEATER” the future of live events?

PICS: Mariah Carey recreated that Shawn Mendes TOPLESSS POST from earlier this week…but she kept her shirt on

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are HOSTING the Puppy Bowl

Awesome news, the Bernie Sanders mittens meme raised $1.8 MILLION for charity

If you haven’t heard, the Lady Gaga oreos are here!

Ashley Tisdale talks about the bullying she suffered after she got a NOSE JOB to fix a deviated septum

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake having to put on some muscle for his new Apple+ movie called “Palmer”…and he got a FAKE TATTOO for the role

There is actually a “Now That’s What I Call DAD ROCK” compilation…and we wish we were kidding

Susan Sarandon turned down a “Thelma & Louise” sequel where she and Geena Davis would be, quote, “GHOSTS looking down on Earth and helping women who were in bad domestic [relationships].”

Sinclair has inked a deal to RENAME its 19 Fox regional sports networks after the casino operator Bally’s….they will be Bally’s Sports Network

VIDEO: Emilio Estevez is back on the ice for a ” “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” teaser!

George Clooney is producing a new “Buck Rogers” series, and there’s talk he might STAR IN IT. The character first debuted in a pulp magazine in 1928

Jason Alexander’s commercial for TIDE is soooo good!