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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - February 12

Judge rules AGAINST Britney Spears’ father in conservatorship dispute….he was not removed as conservator but instead a 3rd party has been established as co-conservator

A list of famous people who are SO beloved that they can “DO NO WRONG” includes . . . Dolly Parton, Keanu Reeves, Betty White, Tom Hanks, The Rock, and Jennifer Garner

Chrissy Teigen finally joins TikTok and amasses over a HUNDRED THOUSAND FOLLOWERS in mere hours…here’s her VERY FIRST TIKTOK

Tinder released a playlist of the MOST POPULAR SONGS people add to their profile as an anthem…”Good Days” by SZA tops the list!

Mindy Kaling has PERFECT RESPONSE to online troll…and it might just be the biggest flex ever!

“Chappelle’s Show” RETURNS to Netflix but this time with Dave Chappelle’s BLESSING!

Bam Margera posted some drunken videos talking about being CUT OUT of “Jackass 4” and we’re hoping he gets the help he needs

A REMAKE of the 1997 movie “Face/Off” is in the works…no word if John Travolta and Nicholas Cage will be involved