Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 22

Kylie Jenner is asking people to donate to her former makeup artist’s GOFUNDME to help pay medical bills after a serious accident…Kylie donated $5,000 but is getting DRAGGED for asking others to chip in

Justin Bieber is FACING BACKLASH for sampling Martin Luther King Jr on his new album, “No one asked for this”….however, Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter PRAISES Bieber’s new work

“Ace Ventura 3” IS HAPPENING

Investigators believe Tiger Woods did NOT APPLY THE BRAKES before he crashed, and may not have even taken his foot off the gas…suggesting that he lost consciousness before the accident

Lizzo is producing a competition series for FULL FIGURED MODELS and DANCERS

PICS: Billie Eilish just showing off her blonde hair

Adam Levine was right…bands are DISAPPEARING

Just Britney Spears’ mom dancing to “Toxic” at a gay club in Dallas

The American Psychological Association says Lady Gaga is responsible for three of the nine songs most identified as “EARWORMS“: “Bad Romance”, “Poker Face”, and “Alejandro”…and one way to get them out of your head is to listen it all the way through

Yes, there is an R-RATED CUT of “Mrs Doubtfire” with risque Robin Williams ad libs

Nicki Minaj’s mother has filed a $150 MILLION LAWSUIT against the man who killed her husband in a hit-and-run

“American Idol” contestant gets eliminated and goes FULL KAREN, even asking, ““Who’s in charge of this? I’d like to speak to the manager.”

The old sitcom “Family Matters” was HUGE during the pandemic…viewing was UP 392% in 2020

PICS: Dancing with the Stars” hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews reunited for drinks

Chris Harrison has HIRED A LAWYER. . . is he worried he’s about to get fired?