Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 23

Orlando Bloom goes viral for UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS interview were he details his daily routine… it includes Buddhist chanting, “earning” his breakfast by going for a hike, eating things like “green powders” and “brain octane oil,” and building with Legos…and no, it is NOT A SPOOF

VIDEO: A contestant named Funke Lagoke on “American Idol” passed out face first and split her chin open in the middle of her audition! As scary as it looked, luckily she was treated and released and will return to the show. [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]

William Shatner is having an AI VERSION OF HIMSELF made so friends and family can talk to him when he’s gone

Kylie Jenner breaks silence on GoFundMe DONATION CONTROVERSY 

PICS: Charlie Puth called out the media for body-shaming him . . . just because he doesn’t have an “8-pack.”

A fan tried to rush Dua Lipa on her way out of a photo shoot in Mexico

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just sold the first-ever Tweet as an NFT . . . for $2.8 MILLION

At 90 years old…Clint Eastwood has a NEW FILM coming out called “Cry Macho”

Matell is developing a reality TV competition where people design MINATURE CLOTHES for Barbie dolls

A fan sent Taylor Swift a list of questions and got a giant SWAG BOX in return…here’s the adorable UNBOXING VIDEO

Ellen DeGeneres had to RUSH HER WIFE Portia de Rossi to the hospital to have an appendectomy over the weekend