Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 20

Need a present for Mother’s Day???? Gwyneth Paltrow suggests a vibrator necklace or a YACHT TRIP to Croatia for only $105,000!

According to an insider, “everyone from royal family members to A-list actors to athletes to billionaire CEOs” is trying to GET A DATE with Kim Kardashian

Chris Evans RESPONDED to Lizzo’s drunk DM, by saying “God knows I’ve done worse on this app.”

New poll says 46% of Americans would like to see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson RUN FOR PRESIDENT

Demi Lovato addresses BACKLASH to her comments about ‘triggering’ visit to fro-yo shop

Lil Nas X’s NEW T-SHIRTS are amazing! One says, “I watched the ‘Montero’ video by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I’m also gay and love Satan.”

No, Usher didn’t tip dancers by throwing USHBUCKS on stage instead of real money!

Robert DeNiro’s lawyer says he DOESN’T TURN DOWN any movies, even the bad ones, because his estranged wife is bleeding him dry….when they first separated in 2018 he paid her $375,000 a month but now it’s only $100,000 a month!

Jessica Biel reveals rare glimpse into her and Justin Timberlake’s FAMILY LIFE

Kevin Smith seeks proof that at least one person is interested in his NEW MOVIE by selling it as an NFT

52-year-old alleged STALKER arrested at Taylor Swift’s apartment

“WandaVision” LEADS the MTV Movie & TV Awards nominees

Vin Diesel to star in Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em ROBOTS MOVIE for Universal, Mattel

A random musician named Cameron Ferguson got tipped $85,000 on TWITCH