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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - April 22

Joe Exotic says he would HELP CAROLE BASKIN end the exploitation of big cats if it would get him a pardon [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]

VIDEO: Meek Mill bought his grandmother a new house! MORE PICS HERE This was after her old house in South Philly was VANDALIZED with neo-Nazi graffiti back in 2018

Stars who have more than 100 TATTOOS include Travis Barker, Ed Sheeran, and Kat Von D. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus is already up to 74 . . . David Beckham has 63, and Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik have 60 each

Lamar Odom says there’s absolutely NO KARDASHIAN KURSE where men suffer after dating one of the sisters

Drake is definitely putting in the work

James Blunt has been ROASTING HIMSELF on Twitter for over 8 years…and we need to recognize how great it is!

VIDEO: Lil Baby failed a Tik Tok challenge where he had to remember his own lyrics

Eminem is getting into the NFT BUSINESS, after his song “Without Me” was used for a “Saturday Night Live” parody about NFTs

Elizabeth Olsen explains why she deleted her social media accounts and is never going back