Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 6

16 years ago John Mayer snubbed a fan trying to get a picture with him….now he’s written a SONG TO APOLOGIZE! And you have to hear his mom reaction’s in the VOICEMAIL she left him! It’s so pure!

To gain weight for an upcoming movie, Mark Wahlbergis eating 7,000 CALORIES A DAY, managing to gain 20lbs in just 3 weeks!

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company went public yesterday raising $412 million…Jessica’s shares are now worth $130 MILLION

A translator that works for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is DENYING she had anything to do with their divorce!

VIDEO: Mariah Carey got her 2nd vaccine shot despite the terrible fluorescent lighting, as she says, “Would I EVER walk into this lighting for no reason???”

VIDEO: Avril Lavigne eats it on a skateboard

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from “The Office” revealed that the father of Jan’s baby was supposed to be Andy Roddick, the TENNIS PLAYER

In the last interview before he died, DMX said, “I’m going to look back on my life, just before I go, and thank God for every moment. It’s those moments, when they come together, that you see the beauty in who you are and why you are.”

VIDEO: Watch Machine Gun Kelly ATTEMPT to sing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song

A new zombie action movie called “Army of the Dead” almost featured a MALE STRIPPER ZOMBIE with, quote, “a huge penis with a bite taken out of it.”  But director Zack Snyder says, quote, “We thought that was too much.”

PICS: Happy Birthday to Adele! She turned 33 yesterday!

VIDEO: George Clooney acts like a Brad Pitt fangirl in new charity video