Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - May 10

Elon Musk makes major PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT during his “SNL” monologue and tells the world he has Asperger’s syndrome [SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO]

PICS: Ryan Reynolds sends a sweet Mother’s Day message to Blake Lively that includes a note about “anonymous airport bathroom sex”

Ummmm…Zac Efron’s ex Sarah Bro says she dated a Hollywood star who ‘almost BRAINWASHED’ her

Tinder is working over time to weed out BILL GATES IMPERSONATORS

During this weekend’s “Vax Live” concert, J. Balvin revealed that COVID almost KILLED HIM…the show raised $302 MILLION for vaccines

Scarlett Johansson has accused the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of hitting her with SEXIST QUESTIONS and comments . . . and both NETFLIX and AMAZON are boycotting the “Golden Globes” until they clean up their act

PICS: Aubrey Plaza might actually be married!

PICS: Ben Affleck took a break from dating apps to wish his ex, Jennifer Garner, a Happy Mother’s Day!

The police say rapper Pop Smoke was killed by a 15-year-old, who was part of a group that was trying to STEAL HIS ROLEX

A list of people who were “plucked from obscurity” to become MOVIE STARS includes: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Norman Reedus, Lana Turner, and Charlize Theron

Do you know your CELEB FACTS???? True of false: Whoopi Goldberg got her name from a whoopee cushion? That’s true. Her real name is actually Caryn Johnson, but she passed gas so often that people kept saying she was like a whoopee cushion, so she changed her name.