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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 1

Lance Bass wants to host a season of ‘The Bachelor’ With LGBTQ CONTESTANTS!!! “I think maybe it’s the time for ‘The Bachelor’ to do a gay Bachelor. I think that would be so much fun,” Bass says. “And I definitely know a host if you need it.”

Britney Spears dad wants $2 MILLION to exit the conservatorship! Britney has refused.

Camila Cabello PASSED OUT before introducing her new “Cinderella” movie at the premiere! She still went on stage, “What’d I miss? I literally just passed out, and now I’m back and I’m ready to read my notes.”

OMG Rose McGowan was stung by a MURDER HORNET in a jungle in Mexico. She documented her symptoms on Twitter like fuzzy vision, a numb arm and leg, profuse sweating, and stomach cramps

Scott Disick dm’ed another of Kourtney Kardashian’s exes, Younes Bendjima, to talk crap about her and Travis Barker’s PDA….but Younes shut him down and SHARED THE MESSAGE

Lil Nas X is NAKED ON THE COVER of his upcoming album “Montero”…his inspiration was a painting based on the Biblical book of Genesis, and a SpongeBob meme

PICS: Justin Bieber’s billboard is leather on top…SKIMS on the bottom! A hysterical mistake makes it look like Justin is pantless in SKIMS!

Mike Richards was LET GO as Executive Producer of “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune”. An executive said they hoped the controversy would end when Mike stepped down as host . . . but, “That clearly has not happened.”

PICS: Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 is trying to grow back his hair after cancer treatment, “Feeling terrible this week but trying to stay positive and count my blessings.”

PICS: Helen Mirren danced in the rain with Vin Diesel …and DANCED with Meghan Thee Stallion!

Jessica Simpson’s kids make fun of her because she only eats “the TIPS OF THE BACON

A 14-year-old YouTuber is fighting back after Pink accused her parents of EXPLOITING HER by taking pictures of her in a bikini for her social media

PICS: The Rock wants to have a drink with the cop that looks like him!