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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 28

Drunk and disorderly Nicolas Cage mistaken for ‘HOMELESS MAN‘, thrown out of Vegas bar

Eminem opens NEW RESTAURANT called…Mom’s Spaghetti [SCROLL DOWN FOR COMMERCIAL]

Demi Lovato saw a floating blue orb in Joshua Tree that they called a beautiful and incredible ALIEN EXPERIENCE

Shaquille O’Neal announces his retirement from BEING A CELEBRITY: ‘I’m done with it’

R. Kelly was found guilty of all 9 COUNTS in his sex trafficking trial in New York…victims react to verdict, “I’m ready to start living my life FREE FROM FEAR”

Will Smith says he and Jada Pinkett Smith have EVOLVED PAST MONOGAMY

PICS: Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy are Instagram official

PICS:An Ed Sheeran lookalike uses disguises out in public after too many crazy fan encounters….he does though get sent free stuff and gets into restaurants and clubs as a VIP

Daniel Craig DOES NOT want Hugh Jackman to be the next James Bond

Jamie Foxx wants to REMAKE Stephen King’s “Misery” but based on an evening with a fan couple who won the opportunity in a charity auction that got really weird for him!

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne welcomed a BABY GIRL. His name is La’akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne

The only main cast member who won’t be back when “SNL” returns on Saturday is Beck Bennett….everyone else is STAYING

This 4 year old had a “Halloween” themed birthday because she LOVE MICHAEL MYERS so much that when he showed up to the party she couldn’t stop saying “I love you”