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Shock Collar Question - October 1


Photo: CBS

Brooke is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today's question: There’s plenty of weird laws around the world that sound so strange, you can’t be sure if they are real or not. I’m going to give you four rules and you’ll have 30 seconds to discuss and tell me if you think they are real or not… Are you ready?

In Maine it’s illegal to post any advertisements on Tombstones. Is this law real or fake?

In Duxbury, Massachusetts there's a historic monument (it's a bow of a boat that looks out over the ocean)... And they had to pass a law, banning people from doing the TITANIC "KING OF THE WORLD" POSE on the edge of the bow. (after too many people fell & got injured). Is this law real or fake?

In Walnut Ridge, Arkansas they have a law that says it's illegal to call the fire department, if you see a house on fire that's not yours. (Instead, you're supposed to call the owner of the house, so THEY can report it to the fire department. The reason is... too many phone calls will overwhelm the three person fire-crew & they've been late to emergencies because the phones were ringing. Is this law real or fake?

In response to NY’s soda law, Mississippi passed a law saying you can serve a soda in any size you want. So now... it’s illegal to put limits on portion sizes for Big Gulps. Is this law real or fake?