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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 4

Kacey Musgraves’ performed NAKED wearing only cowboy boots & her guitar on “SNL” …Kacey confirmed on TWITTER it was all inspired by the movie “Forest Gump” [SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO]

A couple unknowingly bought the house that INSPIRED“The Exorcist”

PICS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went on a double date

Kelly Clarkson gets to EVICT her ex from her $10.4 million Montana ranch…he doesn’t get to keep the Montana properties but he is getting $200k a month for “spousal and child support” . . . even though she has primary custody of their two kids

PICS: Amy Schumer and a pregnant Jennifer Lawrence attended the women’s march together

Billie Eilish will play Sally in some “Nightmare Before Christmas” LIVE CONCERTS

Emily Ratajkowski says that Robin Thicke GROPED her breasts while they were filming the “Blurred Lines” video…she said he apologized & she thinks he only did it because he was drunk

VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld jokingly apologizes for the “subtle sexual” nature in “Bee Movie” between Barry B. Benson and human florist Vanessa Bloome

SNL paid TRIBUTE to Norm McDonald during this weekend’s season opener

Scarlett Johansson reportedly got $40 MILLION in her “Black Widow” settlement with Disney

Neil Patrick Harris is launching a LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER

Will Smith names his best and WORST MOVIES

VIDEO: Tony Bennett’s wife says he doesn’t know he has Alzheimer’s

VIDEO: Adam Sandler’s “balcony basket” isn’t the best trick shot you’ve ever seen, but it’s still pretty impressive

Scientists hooked people up to a heart rate monitor to find the SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, top 3 were “Host” from 2020 . . . “Sinister” from 2012 . . . and “Insidious” from 2010

VIDEO: Dave Grohl knows how to play drums only with hisTEETH