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Shock Collar Question - October 7

Blue digital computer brain on circuit board with glows and flares

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Today's shock collar is a first of it's kind... We've never done it before, and... who knows... we may never do it again. 

So.... Every one in this room will get a Multiple Choice Question.You'll have 30 seconds to discuss it BY YOURSELF - WITH NO ONE ELSE. Right after you submit your final answer, I will tell you if you're SAFE... or if you're in line for the SHOCK.

If the entire room gets ALL the questions correct... Then, Digital Jake will take the JOLT. 


Alexis, you're first.

Barack Obama was FIRST ELECTED President of the United States in what year? 2008? 2010? or 2012?


Brooke, you're next. 

When did the Jonas Brothers make their comeback to the music world? 2018? 2019? 2017? 


Jose, you're up. 

A La Crésy, is a French dish, made with what? A- Apples... B-Carrots... C- Potatoes. 


Jeff, this is a hard one. 

What is the national flower of Scotland?

A. Heather.

B. Gorse.

C. Bluebell.

D. Thistle.