Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 11

The Rock just made his debut as a RAPPER thanks to his verse in Tech N9ne’s new single, ‘Face Off’ [SCROLL DOWN FOR NSFW VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian ROASTED her family in her “SNL” monologue & people loved it! [SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO] And the UNAIRED SKETCH of Kim in a pop group with Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang is going viral!

HBO Max is coming out with a dating show for SINGLE PARENTS…and the best part is they’ll be nominated by their college-aged kids.

A “That ’70s Show” SPIN-OFF is on the way from Netflix called “That ’90s Show

PICS: Timothee Chalamet shared a first-look photo of himself from the set of “Wonka”

Paris Hilton nd her fiancé had a JOINT BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE party in Las Vegas

VIDEO: Chris Evans posts a video of himself playing “Purple Rain” on the piano . . . not even particularly well, mind you . . . and women are losing it

PICS: Dax Shepard uses a rubber replica of his head as a Halloween decoration

Ashley Graham is planning a HOMEBIRTH for her twins: ‘I’ve got an amazing team’

Ryan Gosling talks about the challenges he and Eva Mendes faced while PARENTING during the pandemic

“No Time to Die” UNDERPERFORMED, but still won the box office with a $56 million opening weekend

George Clooney will be STAYING OUT OF POLITICS because he “would actually like to have a nice life.”