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Shock Collar Question - October 12

Electricity Towers

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Once again EVERYONE is at risked of being shocked by the Shock Collar this morning!

Every one in this room will get a Multiple Choice Question... ALL BASED around the date October 12th, If you get it CORRECT... you're SAFE... But if you don't, then you will be shocked (maybe along with someone else, maybe just by yourself). 

If the entire room gets ALL the questions right... Then, Digital Jake will take the shock. 

THE ONLY RULE IS.... no one is allowed to HELP the others with their questions. You'll have 30 seconds to talk to yourself about it then finalize the answer....

Alexis, you're first.

American basketball Hall of Famer, Wilt Chamberlain holds numerous NBA records including most points scored in a game, with 100... Did this happen October 12th... 1952? 1962? or 1972? 

Brooke, you're next. 

October 12th, 1992... One of the members of the "Three Tenors" (the famous opera group) was caught lip-syncing during a LIVE BBC performance. Was it... Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, or Jose Carreras?

Jose, you're up. 

On October 12th, 1969... a Detroit disc jockey & his radio audience determined from clues found in Beatles songs & album covers... that a certain member of the group had secretly died & they covered it up. The clues included: a funeral procession on the Abby Road cover... and this particular Beatle was holding a cigarette in his left hand, when everybody KNEW he RIGHT HANDED... indicating it was an imposter.... Which Beatle was it?... George? Paul? or Ringo? 

Finally, Jeffrey...

"In Life, you don't regret the things you DO... You regret the things you DONT DO"... That quote is from a famous actor, known for his superhero films. He turns 53 today, who is it? Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman, or Christian Bale?