Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 26

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Did Megan Thee Stallion just take the Halloween Queen crown from Heidi Klum? See her epic HELLRAISER COSTUME….and congrats in order! She announced she’s GRADUATING COLLEGE this year!

PICS: Drake’s manager gifted him a Rolls-Royce Phantom for his 35th birthday…the SAME one he used to rent in 2007 to give the appearance that he was destined to make it as a rapper

Dave Chappelle is ready to meet with transgender community…but, “I am not BENDING TO ANYONE’S DEMANDS” and “You cannot come if you have not watched my special from beginning to end.”

The Jonas Brothers are going to be ROASTED in a Netflix special hosted by Kenan Thompson

VIDEO: Gordon Ramsey did a Duet on TikTok to respond to a fan who was NOT impressed with his grilled cheese recipe

PICS: Seth Green dressed up as Chucky for Halloween

PICS: Orlando Bloom posted a video of himself decorating his daughter’s bedroom

VIDEO: Neil Patrick Harris posted a video with his twins to celebrate his 1,000th Instagram post

Amazon may win for WEIRDEST HOLIDAY MOVIE…it’s about a guy who doesn’t want to have kids, but for 12 straight days before Christmas, a new kid shows up in his house that he has to take care of. So, he’s basically forced to discover the joys of parenting. NBA star Steph Curry is a producer

An art group bought an Andy Warhol painting for $20,000 . . . then they mixed it in with 999 high-quality forgeries . . . and now, they’re selling each of them for just $250. It’s a stunt, but one LUCKY PERSON will get the original

In a new survey, Americans describe their PERFECT SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL as funny . . . devoid of politics . . . family-friendly . . . and featuring a celebrity, preferably Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson