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Shock Collar Question - October 28

Glass of cold light beer with pumpkin on a wood background for Halloween. Glass of fresh beer and pumpkin on a dark toned foggy background

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Each of you will get your own multiple choice Halloween themed question. Winner gets to fist bump themselves! Loser gets 1000 volts! And remember -the only rule is - no HELPING. If you attempt to offer advice (intentional or not) - you will also be penalized with the shock, so zip it!

ALEXIS: The SINGLE Highest Grossing Horror Movie of all Time made over $700 MILLION dollars at the Box Office... Which movie was it.....  The Sixth Sense?... Paranormal Activity?... or... "IT"?...? 

BROOKE: What was NUMBER on the jumpsuit of the last person killed in Squid Game?...

Was it 043? 044? or 047?

Just kidding... here's your real question....What ancient Roman goddess is said to be honored every Halloween? Is it Venus? Pomona? Or Fortuna?

JOSE: Jose you've recently reviewed the LATEST FILM in the "Halloween" movie franchise... But did you know, when the first one came out back in 1978, it had a DIFFERENT Working Title:... Was it: "Michael & Me?" "The Babysitter Murders?" Or... "Something's Wrong with my Brother"  

JEFF: Originally, October 31st was called ALL HALLOWS EVE... But they eventually shortened it to "Halloween" with an apostrophe somewhere in the word (the apostrophe was later removed)... But, tell me the 2 letters the apostrophe was in between in the word Halloween?