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Shock Collar Question - December 3

Earth day, Human hands holding blue earth, save earth concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

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Dave Galileo once said “team work makes the dream work” and he’s a much smarter guy than me, so today we’re gonna follow his advice and try another ONE AND DONE Shock Collar Question!

Yesterday I gave you each a country and optional surnames that are popular in that area. You were supposed to tell me which one was the most common.... and Brooke and Jose got it wrong ....accordingly -they were shocked.  How will you do today with four different countries? Let's find out!

Alexis are you ready?

Your country is… Iceland. Which of these is the most common last name in the Land of Fire and Ice? Is it Magnusson, Kristjanson, or Jonsson?

Brooke – 

Your country is… Japan. In the land of the rising sun is the most popular last name… Sato, Suzuki or Takahashi?

Jose – 

You were asking for El Salvador yesterday so today your country is...... the Phillipines.

Is the most common last name there, Reyes, Francisco or Dela Cruz? 

Jeffrey, before I give you your country, Jose is not allowed to help on this one. 

Your country is El Salvador.

Is the most common last name in El Salvador Lopez, Martinez or Hernandez?