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Shock Collar Question - December 25

Mr. Potato Head

Photo: Getty Images

The holiday season is all about giving and sharing experiences with others, which is why today we’ll be embodying that spirit with a FUN-and-DONE group Shock Collar Question.

Each of you will receive a question about a classic toy that could have been given as a gift during past the holidays. You’ll have 30 seconds to think about it before you answer. NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you get it right you’ll be holly, jolly and safe, and if you get it wrong you’ll be getting 10,000 volts than run right down your stocking.

Alexis are you ready?

In the 90’s.. Squealer the Pig, Flash the Orca and Patti the Platypus were among the earliest characters in which popular toy set? 

Brooke – you’re up next…In the 2000’s ….. one toy was far and above the top choice for children during the holidays. In fact during that decade….over 5 million were sold every year….and awkwardly wrapped under the Christmas tree. What was it?

Jose – your child-like wonder should help you here…

Back in 1958 this toy sold over 25 million units, however Japan and the Soviet Union banned it because they believe it was “a symbol of emptiness in American Culture.” What toy was it?

Jeffrey… Your question is… back in 2014…. A specific doll was all the rage during the holiday season. And it had to do with a particular movie that was out at the time. It made 4 billion dollars for the company….what was it? 

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