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Shock Collar Question - December 17

Red Christmas Decoration Hanging On Tree

Photo: Getty Images

It's another SPECIAL! Holiday Shock Collar... and today's question is brought to you by Dave Denisson’s Bedroom Saddles

At Dave’s….you’re 100% guaranteed a quality farm-grade rawhide saddle…. That can break even the most stubborn of pillow time stallions.

Use CODE “Horseplay” for 25% off your custom saddle.And I promise you this… Your partner is gonna say yee haw… this Christmas… or yee “oooooooooh yeah!”

So… Like Dave Denisson says “Let’s Ride” with another Around the Room Holiday Shock 

Again here's how it works... I'll throw out a Christmas CATEGORY... For example: "Stocking Stuffers".... and Jeff says: "Candy", then Jose goes: "crayons"... Brooke Says: "Giftcards"... Then Alexis yells: "Trust Fund” 

Alexis would be out because you can’t fit a trust fund into a stocking.By the end, only one person will be left standing (and they will be SAFE) - while the other 3 people get a very merry shocking. 

I will be the final judge on ALL your answers. And for the love of Saint Nick, do not argue with me like yesterday or I swear I will turn this sleigh around.

Alexis....we're going to start with you....your category is Holiday Flavors or Scents....