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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - January 4


Photo: AFP

Keanu Reeves DONATED 70% of his “Matrix” earnings to leukemia research . . . which is around $31.5 million. At the time, his younger sister was battling the blood cancer, before going into remission in 2001

The LAST WORD Betty White spoke was “Allan”…Betty and Allen Ludden were married from 1963 until his death in 1981. And fans are APPLAUDING her People Magazine cover as perfect comedic timing!

Jim Carrey is on The Weeknd’s NEW ALBUM that is out this Friday! Check THE PREVIEW below

Andy Cohen apologized for DRUNKENLY RIPPING Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve

Ed Sheeran says South Park RUINED HIS LIFE by mocking gingers

Tristan Thompson admitted he FATHERED A CHILD with Maralee Nichols, and apologized to Khloe Kardashian

People are REVEALING the horrible experiences on home makeover shows

The Grammy Awards will MOST LIKELY be POSTPONEDdue to rising Covid-19 cases and the Omicron variant

Jimmy Fallon reveals BREAKTHROUGH COVID-19 diagnosis

Did Matt Damon get paid in CRYPTOCURRENCY for his idiotic Crypto commercial?

‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Special producers SPEAK OUT on Emma Watson photo mistake

PICS: Chrissy Teigen is giving off strong Khloe Kardashian vibes in this pic

VIDEO: The first collection of “Winnie the Pooh” stories hit the public domain on New Year’s Day, and Ryan Reynolds took advantage of that with a new “Winnie-The-Screwed” Mint Mobile commercial