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Shock Collar Question - January 7

Overhead view of high school basketball player leaping to the basket

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We're still not QUITE ready to move on from last year... until we breakdown Google's 2021 Year in Search...

So for today's Shock Collar, it's another Round Robin, One & Done Shock. I'll give you a question, with 3 answers to choose from.Tell me the right one, you're safe... get it wrong, you'll be shocked at the end.

We'll start with Alexis.

Who was the #1 Person Searched in All of the World Last Year?... Was it:

a) Pete Davidson

b) Alec Baldwin

c) Simone Biles


Brooke, this one... is the Overall Top Google Searches in North America from 2021. Was it:

a) Mega Millions Lottery

b) Rapper DMX

c) The NBA


Jose, our Resident Gamer

What was the MOST SEARCHED GAME in North America last year... Was it? 

a) Pokemon: Unite

b) Among Us

c) Battlefield 2042


And Finally Jeff,

The #1 Most Searched "HOW TO" Questions in North America... Was it?  

a) How to Be a Flight Attendant

b) How to Be Happy Alone

c) How to Be More Attractive

d) How to Be Eligible for Stimulus Check