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Shock Collar Question - January 10

Celebrity impersonator eating ice cream cone

Photo: Getty Images

For today's Shock Collar, it's the First ever... DOUBLE TROUBLE SHOCK

You'll be split up into teams of 2... Alexis & Jeff... and Jose & Brooke... I'll give you the question and four possible choices, you'll have to RE-ARRANGE the answers correctly to be safe. If you don't, it's DOUBLE TROUBLE and you'll both get shocked, while the rest of the studio laughs at you. 

We'll start with Alexis & Jeff... Here's your challenge:

Tell me the Highest Earning Instagrammers....... by Average Price per sponsored Post. Here are your four options: 

Ariana Grande

Dwayne the Rock Johnson

Kylie Jenner

And Christiano Ronaldo


Brooke and Jose.... you two have to Correctly Organize the FOUR HIGHEST PAID Dead Celebrities. The options are: 

The musical artist Prince

Charles Shultz(the Cartoonist behind Charlie Brown) 

Michael Jackson 

And British Author Roald Dahl (Who's known for the books like... "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"... Matilda... James & the Giant Peach... and many others)