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Shock Collar Question: January 20

Full open fridge with lots of vegetables

Photo: Getty Images

No need for the BUCKET TODAY... it's time for the most FEARED type of Shock Collar Question: The "One and Done Shock"

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you head to the grocery store. There's so much food on the shelves (well, not right now... but USUALLY). And, if you're trying to make healthier choices it can be confusing

That's why today, we're going to confuse you more... by giving you a grocery Shopping Quiz... where each of you will get THREE ITEMS... and you have to pick the unhealthiest one from the bunch. Guess right, you're safe... Get it wrong... you'll be shocked at the end of the segment. 

We're starting with Alexis. 

Which item has the most FAT PER SERVING? Is it: 

- A Pint of Ben N Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream?

- The Hungry Man Frozen Dinner - Double Chicken Bowl Boneless Fried Chicken.

- OR... The Flavored Yogurt: "Yo-Crunch, with Real Oreo Cookie Pieces"


Brooke, Which grocery item has the most CALORIES? Is it: 

- One Serving Size of a Digiorno Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Pizza (which is a Quarter of the Pizza) 

- A Frozen Breakfast Great Value Parma Melt Breakfast Sandwich

- OR... An Enteman's Iced Party Cake with Sprinkles


Jose... we should definitely do SUGAR for you (since you can't have it)... Which item has the most sugar?

- A Three Musketeers Candy Bar

- A Kiwi Strawberry Vitamin Water

- Or Emerald's Homestyle Marinara Sauce


And Jeff... your challenge is SODIUM... Which has the most PER SERVING? 

- One Package of Beef Jerky 

- One Can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 

- One Can of Busch's Baked Beans