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Shock Collar Question - January 27

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We’ve done plenty of variations of the Shock Collar Question over the last few months. There’s the “One and Done Shock,” “The All for One Shock” and even the “One, Done, and Broke Shock.” But nothing has elicited more apathy on our text board than the… “Are You Smarter Than A 24-Year Old 5th grader Shock”

Here’s how it works… one by one, you’ll each learn the category of the trivia question .... For example, I'll say "Math"..... then you'll have to tell me if you think our resident 24 year old Alexis will get the math trivia question correct or incorrect. 

If you pick right… you’re safe, but if you’re wrong you’ll be the one getting shocked. And we had a few cheating accusations last time so to make it more fair....Alexis will be wearing a *blindfold* the whole time.