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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - January 28

Fast Company Innovation Festival - Day 3

Photo: Getty Images North America

Kanye West just dropped $400,000 on a MINIVAN! More pics HERE

A Taylor Swift “fan” literally CRASHED HIS CAR into Taylor’s NYC apartment building, telling police he wasn’t leaving until he talked to Taylor! He was arrested and taken to the hospital

Since splitting from Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa appears to be living in a CAMPER VAN in a friend’s yard…granted, it’s a $750,000 luxury van, but still

PICS: Kat Von D’s goth Victorian mansion for sale for $15 million….comes complete with red pool and bats painted on the walls

Kylie Jenner is being SLAMMED because fans say Kylie cosmetics just “recycles” the same products and colors over and over again

NBC’s Betty White TRIBUTE SPECIAL will air Monday night at 10 p.m. Guests will include President Biden . . . Jimmy Fallon . . . Cher . . . Goldie Hawn . . . and Jay Leno

Paris Hilton wants to name her future daughter LONDON because, “it’s my favorite city and I think Paris and London sound cute together.”

Dolly Parton puts down decades long rumor that she insured her BREASTS FOR MILLIONS!

PICS: Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself as Zeus . . . it’s probably a teaser for a Super Bowl commercial

PICS: Khloe Kardashian posted some pictures of herself in a skintight outfit, with the caption, “Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.”

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart’s reaction to her dog loudly interrupting her interview with Nicole Kidman is very on brand

VIDEO: Alicia Silverstone has a message for the fat-shamers

VIDEO: Paul Rudd joins Seth Rogen for Lay’s 1st Super Bowl commercial in 17 Years

A new study claims that the MOST DISTRACTING SONG to drive to is “Hey Ya” by Outkast, and the least distracting song is “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish

VIDEO: Check out the trailer for season two of “Space Force”