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Shock Collar Question: February 3

Female Athletes Hurdling On Sports Track

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Good Morning Sports Fans and welcome to another rousing edition of the Shock Collar Question of the Day! 

I know each and every one of you is a die-hard follower of your favorite college team….. especially Alexis who recently asked me – how many quarters are there in a baseball game? 

Anyway -- that’s why today we’re going to be asking about some of the most popular nicknames in all of collegiate athletics…  

And we’re going to do it…. By asking you about a RANDOM LIST!!!

On a piece of paper in front of me is a list of the most common team nicknames of 4-year colleges in North America. 

#1 on the list with 118 different teams using it…. is this name is “EAGLES.” I need you to tell me the next three in no particular order…