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Shock Collar Question - February 9

Pile of Assorted Valentines Day Candy

Photo: Getty Images

Just like I said earlier this week, Love is STILL in the air.... and we can all smellllllll it. (at least I hope that's love?). I say that because we are inching closer and closer each day to cupid's pants party.  

That's why today... all of you will participate in a special ONE AND DONE Valentines Day Shock. 

Each of you will be given a V-Day true or false question. If you answer right, you’ll be safe in my arms and I'll call you sweetheart.... but if you're wrong.... it will break my heart to shock you with a dog shock collar. (I mean - I'll still have a smile on my face, but it will break my heart)

Here we go…

Alexis… Valentine’s Day the most popular holiday for greeting cards? True or False?

Brooke… Because of Valentine’s Day… more pregnancy tests are sold in march than any other month? True or False?

Jose…  Every year on V-Day, the group that receives the most Valentines Day cards (on average) are Children? True or False?

Jeffrey.. A survey was done asking adults... Do you think you will "get action" this Valentines Day? ... and over 25% said "hookah hookah" - which means oh yeah. Is that true or false?