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Shock Collar Question - February 10

Hypocritical man lying expressively

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We are nearing Valentines Day... and I think we all know that when you ARE LOOKING FOR LOVE.... and come across someone's dating profile.... all their info is 100% truthful, correct? 

No one would ever lie about something in order to entice a more attractive partner right?? 

Am I right..... BROOKE???!!!! (or should I call you Petunia Peabody on FARMERS DAUGHTERS DOT ORG!!)

Well according to a new study, people lie all the time on dating profiles! Men and women both do it but they tend to lie about different things. You to tell me the Top 2 response for both guys and gals, respectively… and to start you off I’ll let you get a free one. Choose your category.... men or women.... and I’ll tell you the number one thing that gender lies about on dating apps.